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9 October 2023 - 12 October 2023
Berlin, Germany
Photonics Week

Wednesday, October 11, 2023

 Tour Tech Park Berlin-Adlershof

Dr. Bernd Ludwig (WISTA) will take you on a short walking tour of the campus (as long as the weather permits it) and he will introduce you to the history of the location, elaborate on the main achievements in the last three decades and will point out Photonics institutes and companies. Be prepared for some interesting anecdotes.

 Travelling to ONE of the following institutes:

Ferdinand-Braun-Institute (FBH) is an application-oriented research institute in the fields of high-frequency electronics, photonics and quantum physics. It researchesand realizes electronic and optical components, modules and systems based on compound semiconductors. Its research areas include (1)Photonics, (2) Integrated Quantum technology, (3) III-V Electronics, and(4) III-V Technology.

Fraunhofer Heinrich-Hertz-Institut- Fraunhofer HHI
European industry faces the challenge of translating quantum technologicalinnovations
into robust and scalable hardware processes and products. Fraunhofer HHI takes a decisive role in the European lighthouse projects for quantum communication QSNP (Quantum Secure Networks Partnership),
Qu-Pilot and Qu-Test and is one of the four coreinstitutes of the German quantum initiative QuNET, covering the entirevalue chain from key functionalities via integrated optical componentsthrough real-time capable systems for free space and fiber-based quantum communication. Our guests will get an insight into the current work on these projects,can visit the laboratories and meet the expertsfor discussion.

Fraunhofer-Institut für Zuverlässigkeit und Mikrointegration (IZM)since its foundation in 1993 is known for its expertise in the integration of robust and reliable electronics and photonics on panel and wafer level. More than 450 employees work in a high tech environmentin historical buildings, finding technological solutions, in cooperation with partners from industry and academia. Emerging challenges are addressed in branches such as automotive and industrialelectronics and photonics, ICT, medical engineering and quantum applications.

Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie/ BESSY II (HZB)
BESSY II, the synchrotron radiation facility in Berlin, Germany, offersawide range of free research opportunities to the international scientific community. From photovoltaics, chemical energy conversion andbatteries to quantum materials, information technology materials, biology, cultural heritage and medical research, BESSY II@HZB provides the infrastructure for both in-house science and external use. Although BESSY II is designed for the soft X-ray range, experiments with infraredradiation on the lower energy side and hard X-rays on the other side are also possible. The instrument portfolio allows a variety of methods such as photoemission, photoabsorption, scattering and diffraction, microscopy or imaging. Up to 2500 visiting scientists per year from morethan 50 countries reflect the internationality and diversity of the center. As a large-scale research facility, BESSY II isthus also a key player in the fields of science diplomacy and international cooperation.During the tour, you will get an insight into the storage ring tunnel of BESSY II, get an overview of the scientific possibilities at BESSY IIin the experimental hall and get to know various scientific highlights of the center.

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (HU)
With more than 6,000 students, Humboldt University's Adlershof campusis the vibrant center of Berlin Adlershof, Germany's largest science and technology park. The institutes of chemistry, geography, computer science, mathematics, physics and psychology are located here.

Max-Born-Institute (MBI)
MBI conducts basic research in the field of nonlinear optics and ultrafast dynamics in the interaction of matter with laser light and pursues applications that emerge from this research. It develops and utilizes ultrashort and ultrafast lasers and laser-based short-pulse light sources in a wide spectral range in conjunction with nonlinear
spectroscopy methods. The combined use of lasers with x-ray pulses from free electron lasers and synchrotrons complements this scientific program.

 Campus Tour through Marienpark:

Innovationsquartier Marienpark Berlin/ Hybrick
The demand for modern laboratory and production spaces is continuously increasing, while appropriate and flexible lab spaces for modern companies in the field of optoelectronic technologies are scarce. The Hybrick team invites you to a campus tour through the Marienpark, an emerging innovation premise in the south of Berlin. Immerse yourself in the history of the Marienpark and learn more about modern, flexible and hybrid laboratory and production spaces. Alongside to introducing the new Hybrick Berlin development and the campus tour, you will also learn how one of the most advanced data centers ensures not only the highest connectivity and data availability but also a sustainable energy supply for the campus. The event will conclude with a Get-Together at the scottish craft brewery Brewdog, to which Hybrick warmly invites all participants.

Thursday, October 12, 2023

Roundtrip through Berlin Brandenburg to visit prominent end users of photonics and microelectronics.

DHL Mega-Paketzentrum Berlin-Süd officially went into operation on June 1, 2022. It had previously been
in trial operation for around a year. It is a so-called mega parcel center due to its high sorting capacity of max. 50,000 parcels per hour. The sorting hall has 288 loading gates. 

NTT Global Data Centers (previously e-shelter) Rechenzentrum Berlin 1
As part of NTT DATA, a USD 30 billion IT services provider, NTT Ltd. is aleading IT infrastructure and services company. Through technology and innovation, we deliver a secure and connected future that empowers our people, clients and communities. To help organizations execute their business priorities, we’re by their side, transforming their businesses and technology at the pace they aspire to, driving the outcomes they want with the services they need. As an industry leader in networks, data centers, cloud, security and managed services, as well as an innovator in private 5G, we serve 65% of the Fortune Global 500 and morethan 75% of the Fortune Global 100. We also work closely with leading sports organizations, including UEFA, INDYCAR and the Tour de France. We enable a connected future.

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