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9 October 2023 - 12 October 2023
Berlin, Germany
Photonics Week

Optical Technologies and Microsystems Technology - Key Technologies from Berlin and Brandenburg

The future is made of light: photonics, the scientific and economic use of light, and closely linked to quantum technology and microsystems technology, are among the most important key technologies of digitization and will provide solutions to the most pressing future challenges like climate change, ageing population, mobility, and security.

With their diverse competence spectrum, numerous companies and research institutions make the Berlin Brandenburg region one of the world's leading industry locations. As an interface between different technologies, they often form the basis for innovative products and services, for example in the fields of medicine or communications technology.
Particular competences and critical mass of activities in the region are in:

• Laser Technology
• Lighting Technology
• Photonics for Communication and Sensors
• Optical Analytics
• Biophotonics and Ophthalmology
• Microsystems Technology
• Quantum Technologies
• Components, Optics Design and Simulation

The Photonics Cluster in Berlin and Brandenburg is especially distinguished by the strong scientific basis and the high amount of specialized small and medium-sized companies with widely ranged know how − a perfect basis for a mutual transfer between science and industry, and innovation driver for other industries and technology fields.

The innovative core of the cluster consists of about 400 technology companies, as well as of 10 universities and 26 extra-university research institutions, of which 11 are located in Brandenburg and 25 in Berlin. In the capital region a total of around 16.600 people are working in photonics and microsystems technology.

The keen interest for optical technologies and microsystems technology “made in Berlin” expressed by international entrepreneurs and scientists is emerging to an increasing degree in events, projects and cooperation with the photonics cluster, as a well-established networking platform for photonics experts from all over the world, the Photonics Days Berlin Brandenburg attract numerous participants. Moreover, a significant step for supra-regional innovative capability of the capital region in the optics field is realized with the enhanced partnership between the two optics regions Berlin Brandenburg and Warsaw. In numerous European projects inter-regional collaboration grew between the photonics Clusters in Spain, France, the Netherlands, the UK, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland and others. In the Phoenix-network and now PHOENIX III project, this international focus was expanded to include Poland, the USA, Japan, and Israel.

Closed since 10 October 2023
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